Rules of debate

Tongue in cheek plain English version, but always following the Standing Orders to comply with the Law

1.Rules of debate at meetings

To put things into plain English

  • The Mover is Sara

  • The Seconder is Gill

  • The Chair is Liz

  • Motions are items

a. Items are dealt with in the order they appear on the agenda.

b. We can't move on the next item, until it has been by Sara and Gill.

c. If Sara and Gill don't agree on an item then it gets dumped.

d. If Sara changes hers mind (A Woman's prerogative), it can only be changed if the Gill agrees, but only during the meeting.

e. An amendment is just to tweak/delete some of the word(s), but not change the item.

f. Further amendment can be made.

g. If you need to made an amendment, let the Liz know at the beginning of the meeting.

h. If a Councillor needs to amended their own item, they can do at the meeting. But if Gill has been seconded it, then only with her permission.

i. If there are multiple amendments, then Liz will decided in which order they will be done.

j. Only one amendment will be done at a time.

k. But if the Liz wants to lump them all together she can do.

l. A Councillor can only make one amendment on one item, otherwise it's just tough luck.

m. Once Sara has moved on an item, she has to shut up. (not the whole meeting, just on that item).

n. If there have been lots of amendments agreed, then Sara can put in her tuppenny's worth before it goes to vote.

o. A Councillor can only speak once on a item, unless Liz lets you ramble on again. Unless:

i. to speak on an amendment moved by Sara.

ii. to move or speak on an item, if it has changed since you last spoke

iii. If you think a rule has been broken (point of order)

iv. to give your side of a story, or

v. to defend yourself again criticism (right to reply)

p. A Councillor can only interrupt a debate, if they think a rule in these standing orders or procedures has been broken. Otherwise wait your turn.

q. A point of order is decided by Liz and her word is Gospel.

r. When having a chat about an item, Sara can't move it, unless you want to

i. amend the item

ii. move on to the next item, 'cause this is getting boring

iii. stop the chatter

iv. put it to a vote

v. tell someone to shut up or leave

vi. pass the buck on a item to a committee

vii. tell the public and press to leave

viii. pause the meeting

ix. to suspend a standing order(s) but not the one's in bold on the website, otherwise you break the law.

s. Before you can vote on an item, it's up to Liz to decided if there has been enough chatter and Sara has had her say.

t. A Councillor can't stray off on a tangent, stick to the item and you can't ramble on for more that 10 minutes, unless Liz lets you.

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