Community engagement

A Parish Council cannot act in isolation without consulting and supporting its community. The data table below will highlight some of the ways we are engaging with our community.

This will be the first year the Parish Council will be measuring it's performance of community engagement, the first few months figures will be used as a baseline to set any appropriate key performance indicator (KPI's) targets.

Social Media

Are we being effective on Facebook?

The parish council is very active on facebook but there are big gaps in our communications to our parish using this method only, which was our only option during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are currently 372 electorate recorded in the Electoral role for the Parish. 81 non-parish council members are engaged on facebook. Which equates to 22%. The facebook members are sometimes multiples in one household, to better understand the parish council reach, further analysis has shown that of the 195 properties, 55 were engaged on facebook with the parish council page (28%). This does not take into account friends and families of the council members so it is estimated that the engagement outside of the parish council members circle is 15%.

The simple conclusion is that as we emerge from the pandemic, the parish council needs to look at other media to communicate with the electorate.

As a result of this study the Parish Council will create and distribute a regular newsletter to the community.

02 August 2021