Business Continuity Plan


The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 places a duty on a local authority to ensure that it is prepared as far as reasonably practical to continue to provide important functions and services in the event of a disruption.

Whilst this is not a statutory duty for a parish council it is Carrington Parish Council’s (CPC) intention to recognise the importance of producing and maintaining a Business Continuity Plan for implementation in the event of disruptions to the day to day running of CPC.

The plan identifies the instances of disruption, the immediate responses, the procedures to follow to maintain continuity of service and the follow-up procedures and necessary changes to service delivery, where such services are disrupted by factors within CPCs area of responsibility.

Core Business of Carrington Parish Council

The parish council provides local services to its parishioners which includes the provision of:

      • The recreation ground and orchard

      • Open public spaces and woodland

      • Grounds maintenance of CPC owned land and graveyards

      • Website and maintaining a presence on relevant social media sites

      • Managing the finances of CPC

      • Acting as a consultee on planning applications to represent the interests of the parish

      • Liaising with the local Council

      • Authority or other relevant parties on issues that affect the parish

      • Air Quality Testing

Potential causes of disruption include:

      1. Disasters and weather related problems, including: fire |storms |flood |snow |actions by other parties | terrorism

      2. Vandalism or damage to CPC property

      3. Failures: equipment due to failure, breakage or theft | utilities and infrastructure providers | public services

      4. Losses of :

            • staff and councillors through death, illness, injury or resignation whilst on or off CPC duties, which in the case of councillors may leave the parish council inquorate.

            • equipment through theft breakage or major damage

            • CPC records through theft, fire or corruption of files

Risk Management Plan

The Clerk is the first point of contact for all emergencies and business continuity actions, or in their absence the Chair.