Community Infrastructure Levy

Community infrastructure levy - financial reports
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What is CIL?

This is a levy Trafford council will charge a developer for any new houses they are planning to build.

How much CIL does the parish council receive from Trafford Council?

As we have no neighbourhood plan in place at the moment, we receive 15% of the levy charged to the developer, but this is capped at £100 per existing council tax dwelling in the Council’s area.

How can we spend it?

Only on maintenance or improvements on existing infrastructure or addressing the demands that development places within the parish.

Where are we spending it?

How we are planning to spend the CIL can be viewed on our delivery plan, more details on how we intent to spend the CIL on the field can be found in The recreational field development plan

Spending deadline

The monies should be spent within 5 years of receipt. If they are not, or they are used inappropriately, then Trafford Council can recover the monies.