Ward Boundary Consultation 2021

Draft recommendations for Trafford Council

The commission has recommended that the Parishes of Carrington and Partington along with Warburton and Dunham, who will move from the current Bowdon ward to become one ward, known as the Western Parishes Ward. The ward name is subject to change after the 10 week consultation period, as it really doesn't provide a sense of place.

If you would like to comment on these changes or view the proposed changes, select the link below.

Parish council engagement on the public consultation

The English boundary commission review the Constituency and ward boundaries every ten years to ensure there is a fair/equal number of electoral in each of these for General and Local elections.

Trafford council has begun public consultation which closes on 23 August 2021. Website link

The Parish council have reviewed the report and electoral forecasting for 2027 and suggest a small change in the Bucklow and St. Martin's ward boundary to include the whole Carrington Moss Community and have a more balanced number of electorate.

Existing Ward Boundary

Proposed Ward Boundary

Trafford Council have provided a forecast of number of electorate for 2027, for the ward of Bucklow and St. Martins and all other wards in Trafford.

Based on these numbers and geography, the council would like to recommend a boundary change identified with the additional red boundary lines on above on the proposed ward boundary map.

  1. To include the wider community of Carrington Moss.

  2. To include a small part of St. Marys ward to provide an easily recognised geographical boundary and increase the Bucklow and St Martin's electorate size to roughly equal to that of St. Marys' in the 2027 forecast.