In 2019 ARUP was commissioned to produce a Traffic Flow Model. To simplify this data we've pick out a few numbers from this report, that the number of vehicles in peak periods.

07:30 - 08:30

← 690

839 β†’

16:00 - 17:00

← 783

720 β†’

Based on these figures and the traffic count in 2017, taking away all the traffic going to Flixton and down Isherwood Road, it works out about 300 vehicles per hour outside of the peak period in both directions through the residential areas along the A6144. Roughly 3600 traffic movements per day

So what's missing from the ARUP model?

Carrington Gateway, an estimate of 150 vehicle movements per day

Voltage Park Warehousing 1052 car parking space, the HGV traffic was unrealistic in the planning application; so a Full Travel plan needs to be submitted to planning. so let's do a conservative estimate 200 vehicle movements per day.

Hydrogen Plant, The Parish Council objected to this application as the traffic modelling wasn't accurate. Realistically an additional 480 traffic movements.

Heath Farm residential development, based on 452 dwellings, lets say 500 cars, 1000 movements with 80% towards Carrington

Peak Nook Warehousing, an estimate based on Carrington Gateway of 150 vehicle movements per day

HS2 circa 100 movements per day

Let's do the maths

Circa 6, 600 Vehicle movements per day. Over 60,000 per year

But what did we forget!

Oh yes, the ARUP model was done completed in 2019, and without a traffic survey the Carrington residents know these figure now to be incorrect.