Trafford Local Plan for Carrington

Deliver the homes that Trafford needs (SO1)

a) Deliver high quality, sustainable residential development as part of a high quality mixed use redevelopment scheme.

b) Deliver the appropriate mix of housing types and tenures needed to achieve a more balanced housing market in Carrington and Partington.

c) The new residential growth in New Carrington is delivered in line with the emerging allocation policy and Area of Focus Policy AF7.

Secure successful, sustainable and healthy communities (SO4)

d) Residents have the skills and the ability to access jobs in the Carrington and Partington area.

e) Health inequalities and deprivation in Carrington and Partington are reduced significantly.

f) The capacity of community facilities including health and education is significantly increased, providing for the needs of the new and existing community.

Maintain Trafford’s economic potential (SO5)

g) The economic capacity of Carrington will be redeveloped enabling significant new economic activity to secure its future economic viability.

Revitalise Trafford’s town centres (SO6)

h) The provision of sustainable modes of transport linking Carrington and Partington to key town centres and Manchester is secured.

i) A new local population will support the revitalised local centre (and a new local centre that will be delivered in line with Area of Focus Policy AF7) in Partington providing local services and facilities.

Protect, improve and connect green assets (SO7)

j) Linkages to the Mersey Valley and other greenspace assets will be protected and enhanced to maximise recreational, biodiversity and active travel opportunities.

k) Opportunities for wetland habitat creation are secured, where appropriate.

l) The use of previously developed land will maximised.

Reduce the need to travel (SO8) m) Carrington and Partington are well connected by sustainable transport modes with Partington Local Centre and Sale Town Centre to enable easy access to employment, retail and community facilities.

n) The physical isolation of the Carrington and Partington area is reduced through enhanced sustainable transport modes.

o) Improvements are made to the road layout and public transport connectivity to the rest of Trafford and into Manchester.

p) Substantial improvements to road infrastructure are made, including the delivery of the Carrington Relief Road.

q) Improvements to pedestrian and cycling facilities connecting to the Trans Pennine Trail, the Mersey Valley and other routes that contribute to Trafford’s integrated active travel network are secured.