Site Access

Site Access during and after construction

Site access during construction - All

2020 Feb - 99245_OUT_19-SITE_ACCESS_KEY_PLAN-751101.pdf

New entrance at the business park | widening the junction and traffic lights added

2020 feb -99245_OUT_19-SITE_ACCESS_3-751104.pdf

New entrance for residential phase R5 ad VC1 | Opposite the Mill house (the old Dunham road, where Owens transport are now)

2020 feb - 99245_OUT_19-SITE_ACCESS_1-751102.pdf

New Entrance for Residential Phase R6/7, just after the business park entrance going towards the power station

2020 Jan - 99245_OUT_19-SITE_ACCESS_4-745319.pdf

New entrance for residential phase R4 - opposite 106 Manchester Road, near to Halcon

2020 feb -99245_OUT_19-SITE_ACCESS_2-751103.pdf