Carrington Relief Road

Trafford Executive meeting - 25th July 2022

Key Milestones

  • Winter 2022 | Formal public consultation

  • Spring/Summer 2023 | Submission of a planning application

  • Spring 2024 | Full business case

  • Winter 2024 |Start of work on site (subject to securing planning permission)

  • Spring 2027 | Completion of construction



To date £24.7m has been secured for the project, the current estimate completion cost is £56.3m.

Additional Levy funding will come from employment and residential developments within Trafford, but it's all estimates; both in terms of the project cost and how much funding can be secured.


Major risk identified for the project

  • Funding Gap

  • Failure to get planning permission

  • Contamination on site

  • Land Acquisition

Compulsory Purchase Orders

The council doesn't own all the land, they will work with developers to purchase it. Where they can't Compulsory Purchase Orders would be needed

Much of the traffic, particularly HGVs, will use the new route thereby allowing for traffic calming measures and improved walking, cycling and public transport access on the existing A6144 route (1.4 Exec report)

TMBC strategic objectives for the scheme will include:

  • Providing sufficient capacity within the transport network

  • Improving journey times and journey time reliability

  • Providing an alternative route for traffic using the A6144

  • Creating the ability to introduce speed and safety measures and to encourage active travel, especially through Carrington Village

  • Providing improved infrastructure and environmental enhancements which encourage active travel

  • Improving connectivity to the outlying district of Partington

(extracts from Exec Report 1.8)

Propose active travel route in red | Walking and cycling route in green

Proposed Junction design on Isherwood Road

Proposed route onto the Carrington Spur Road

Option F is Trafford's preferred route - September 2021

The report to the Executive council meeting on 27th September suggests option F as the preferred route: Council report

Natural England's Response to the Option F Route

"The environmental risks have not been included in this section although they were included in Chapter 5.2 (Option A Risks). We think this presents an inaccurate and unbalanced view of the environmental constraints "

"Development on peat will cause permanent damage of the habitat and lead to a huge loss of carbon to the atmosphere, this would appear to conflict with Trafford Council’s commitment to tackle climate change and work towards carbon neutrality for Trafford "

The next steps for Trafford

The recommended next stage requires the development and refinement of the design on a pathway towards submitting a planning application, funded by the grant outlined above. In summary these stages are:

  • Resolving residual engineering issues to achieve a fixed alignment and a red line boundary

  • Undertaking further traffic modelling work to enable junction layout design

  • Carrying out formal public consultation

  • Preparing an Environmental Impact Statement

  • The submission of Planning Application

  • Preparation of a Full Business Case for the Growth Deal grant

Active Travel Routes Option A and F consultation - Closed 23 July 2021

WCHAR consultation notice from Amey 9th July 2021

"I (Amey) would welcome any views on the proposed route options with a particular focus on existing walking, cycling or horse riding facilities and how the scheme will interact with them, and what improvements could be made to those facilities.

  • Do you have any problems accessing and using the existing facilities?

  • Are there any missing links which would connect the existing facilities making them more attractive?

  • Do you feel the existing walking, cycling and horse-riding routes are adequately sign posted?

  • Do you have any concerns on how the new relief road could impact the existing facilities?

In order to move forward with the scheme, could I ask that any comments you do have could be returned to me by 23rd July 2021?"

NB The Parish council was not included on the original email distribution list, hence the slight delay

The suggested design for both of these options is a standard 20m wide construction incorporating cycle, bridle and walkway routes alongside of the road. The Amey road engineers are open suggestions that they will take back to Trafford Council for consideration. The Peak and Northern footpath society has suggested alternative active travel routes.

Extracts from WCHAR Report

Pg 12 Design Parameters - defines the standards by which a prospective relief road will need to be built.

Carrington Relief Road would be designed as an urban primary distributor road. Speed limits would be determined by considering key factors such as road environment and existing traffic speeds, accident record, road geometry, road function and environment. This will be considered during the outline design and therefore doesn’t impact the options appraisal. [But expected to be 40MPH]

Pg 13 Non-motorised Users

Having to design in walking, cycling and horse-riding.

Displayed is a typical road design for mixed use, which the a model that may be used.

Please see Peak and Northern footpath society report for alternative routes, to avoid a vehicle and Active travels being mixed.

The proposed speed limit is 40MPH. With experience of existing traffic through the village, this limit will constantly be breached.

Ideally Active travellers should not be in proximity with Traffic.

Carrington Parish Council Community Engagement - (22 March 2021)

Based on community feedback collected so far and through a debate and vote the Parish council will decide which of the following options is the preferred option for the community at their full council meeting on 22nd March. The community can also have their input before the vote during the Public participation item on the agenda.

Community suggestions/feedback

  • Plant trees and scrubs on both side of the relief road, to act as a sound barrier and help with air quality

  • The relief road will detrucked the A6144, the same as the A556 Chester Road

  • Thinks this route will be the quickest to build

  • The spur road wouldn't be able to cope with the additional traffic

Other Information

Into the future 2025

With more homes in New Carrington; Carrington Gateway is full; Voltage park is full; Peak Nook is full; the hydrogen plant is fully operational; the fields sold by the National Grid around the Power station become more warehousing, oops forgot about the HGV traffic for the HS2 development.

It's 8am on a Monday morning and the start of the school run. Where does all this traffic go?

Back on the A6144 through Carrington Village as the relief road is backed up.

This is called 'Jevon Paradox', basically this means that all the investments to sort out a traffic problem makes very little difference; you build a road, it gets filled, so you have to build another. This will be the North-South link road, from Isherwood Road, diverting passed United Training Grounds, finishing on Sinderland Land in Broadheath.

North to South Carrington link road