Every parish council has to be open and accountable to it's community, but we'd like to do a little more and show you how we are performing against a variety of measures.

TEST DATA Until our first quarter is complete from April to June

How are we measuring ourselves

We are using a business scorecard that aligns with our vision and strategic plan by measuring our performance against a number of metrics


CIL investment into community

Outturn balances to established budget (we are within budget spend)

Operational costs <40% of income (we're not spending more money than we have)


Compliant to the Finance Regulations

Compliant to the Standing Orders

All policy reviews up to date


% Councillor Attendance

% Ward Councillor Attendance

% MoP attendance at parish council meetings


% Queries actioned with 48 hours

Social media postings

Meetings with local groups/ business

Growth Metric

New social media participant

% Self generated income

Risk Management

Risk Assessments up to date and resolved

Risk Register up to date

Adequate financial reporting in a timely manner