The Parish Council raises a local tax (the precept) which is collected via the Council Tax and paid to us by Trafford Council. The precept is paid by every household and varies in accordance to your property band in the same way as the Council Tax. The precept is spent within the Parish and will be laid out in the budget approved by Parish Councillors. We receive on average about £3000 per year.

The precept bandings amounts for your household are:

A £20.00 | B £23.33 | C £26.67 | D £30.00 | E £36.67 | F £43.33 | G £50.00 | H £60.00

Last year the precept was mainly used to cut back the hedgerows at the orchard and employ a Parish Clerk for a few months. We receive the precept money in April 2021 and will continue to improve the hedgerows in the village, test the air quality in Carrington and pay for general running costs of the Parish council, such as insurance, website and internal finance audits. If you have any comments please visit the Parish council website and leave feedback in the ‘Contact us’ page.