Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision:

To make Carrington Parish a safe and vibrant place to live and work.

Our Values:

  • To work with and listen to local tenants and residents, community groups and businesses and try to support them in appropriate local developments.

  • To use Council influence where possible to shape the future services and development of the Parish area.

  • To seek benefits for the local area.

  • To ensure future planning applications reflect and meet long term challenges in the area.

Our Main aims:

To enhance communication between the Council and the local community.

To enhance leisure and recreational facilities within the Parish.

To continue to support and improve the Parish Council’s responsibilities:

  1. Improve and maintain the community orchard and recreational field,

  2. To seek Improvements to Highway Infrastructure,

  3. To seek to improve and maintain local beneficial facilities

  4. To enhance community safety

Our strategic objectives for the next four years

The Parish council

  • Examine all options and apply for funding of new community facilities and initiatives.

  • Create a more outward focus in the community.

  • Provide a higher profile in the community: improve website; maintain input to Parish Facebook page

  • Expand partnership working with: the police; TMBC; local organisations providing youth and elderly services; neighbouring Town and Parish councils.

Community Safety and welfare

  • Maintain and improve relationships between the Parish Council, the community and the Police to encourage improved community policing.

  • Investigate the need for a neighbourhood watch scheme

  • Support local youth and senior initiatives

  • Investigate the Air Quality within the village and seek ways to improve this.

  • Encourage local sport and recreational initiatives to involve all.

Traffic Management

  • Review sites for mobile speed-watch lights and establish a speed-watch scheme to aid road and traffic calming measures.

  • Investigate continuing funding options for these measures.

  • Examine traffic calming options with TMBC Highways Department.

Development Planning

  • Ensure any Development Plans reflect the community wishes.

  • Highlight local infrastructure issues with new developments: power; water; drainage; transport.

  • Highlight local sustainability issues as part of the planning process with TMBC.

  • Identify sites for future private, affordable and social housing in the parish. Champion additional sporting, leisure and recreational facilities.

  • Improve dialogue with the planning authority and Developers direct to ensure that CIL payments benefit the community.

Our delivery plan demonstrates how we are going to meet our strategic objectives

Delivery plan