Training and CPD

Induction pack for Councillors


Being a good Parish Councillor isn't simply turning up at meetings for a chat and nodding your head at a few resolutions. The responsibilities are much greater. Firstly you have to be an electorate within the parish; then you're on a quick learning curve to become familiar with the rules and regulations that govern how a Parish council operates and the powers it has. Along this learning curve you will become accustomed with Parish Councillors meetings, which may seem strange to begin with, as there are lots of things we must do to be legally compliant. We give your fair warning if you are considering or have recently become a Parish Councillor, then we'd expect lots more involvement in other activities, additional meetings and more importantly Community Engagement, e.g. support parishioners queries, litter picking or talking with our local Member of Parliament. So now we have scared away the feint-hearted, here's a little reading to get you started.

Members list the current members of the Parish council

Code of Conduct , how we are expected to behave and value opinions of others

Budget, The budget is agreed every January, our financial year operates from the start of April to the end of March the following year

Standing Orders : These are rules on how we conduct parish meetings and other business

Financial Regulations : Aims the legal framework for public money, our internal procedures and audit requirements

GDPR Policy or Our Data protection policy

Training and CPD completed

Training needs analysis and plan

Training needs analysis